Sami Yusuf – Healing (New Video Klip)

Alhamdulillah, di Bulan Ramadhan ini ada beberapa Nasyid yang memberikan nuansa indah bagi Ramadhan. Nasyid yang syarat akan sebuah pesan dan nasehat kepada para pendengarnya. Salah satunya yang di lakukan oleh munsyid Sami Yusuf. Munsyid ini mengeluarkan hits terbarunya Healing.

Dalam video ini menceritakan bagaimana kehidupan yang saling tolong menolong. Memperdulikan keadaan sekitarnya sekecil apapun itu. Dimana setiap Sami Yusuf menyaksikan keragaman orang-orang dalam perihal saling membantu. Dengan setting sebuah Internasional Medical Center (IMC) dengan segala hal yang terjadi di dalamnya. Dan apiknya pemandangan ketika fajar atau senja ya.. yang menjadikan video klip ini sangatlah bagus.Saya pun mendapatkanya langsung dari teman di salah satu jejaring sosial. Dan ternyata di message Update juga mendapatkan link asli dari video klip tersebut. yang tertuju pada website resmi Sami Yusuf dan di izinkan untuk mendownload langsung nasyid MP3 Healing.

A smile Can Change a life… itulah pesan inti dari sebuah syair Healing. karena dengan senyuman mampu memberikan kesembuhan. Kesembuhan pada hati dan kepada orang yang melihatnya. Senyummu kepada saudaramu adalah sedekah. Dengan moment Ramadhan ini, semoga kita mampu menanam banyak benih amalan kebaikan yang mampu menaikkan derajat kita sebagai insan yang bertaqwa. amiiin…

Inilah video klip Healing oleh Sami Yusuf.. dan beberapa kisah di balik pembuatan video klip tersebut.

“Healing” The Story Behind The Song

Healing. An ambition and a vision. Healing. A call embedded in the wisdom to give in order to gain.   A smile is an act of charity; sharing love and caring for others enhances prestige and position of the loving and the loved; of the caring and the cared alike. Sami Yusuf’s new song “Healing” is a call to revive the caring aspect of human beings. “Healing” is a chance to vindicate all those best hopes one has about oneself and about humanity. It is an attempt to honor the small acts of kindness. It is a tribute to those who sacrifice and stand up for good even when it’s hard, even when it’s tough — it is an embodiment of gracious generosity in practice.

The idea of this project was incepted at Sami’s meeting with Dr. Walid Fitaihi, Founder and CEO of the International Medical Center, back in 2006. They discussed the possibility of making a song that promotes healing with kindness and lending hands to others. This project was realized this year when International Medical Center (IMC) and ETM International signed a contract to deliver the message of how kindness is one way of healing oneself and others. This project is a means to relay the message that each and everyone of us can be a healer. The Song and Video contributes to the IMC’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme The IMC has been involved in many CSR events. Campaign against smoking, rescuing people in emergency cases and promoting the culture of CPR, to name a few. The hospital is involved in many activities that are diverse in application but uphold the same message of serving the humanity. Its counterpart, ETM International, is an emerging British record label company that was conceived in 2005 with the main aim to become the leading international producer of socially conscious music.

This partnership and hence the project envisions to indoctrinate the belief that you will find someone to hold your hand when you need to because you held another person’s hand when they needed you; of being there for people and they will be there for you just like loving and caring for your parents, to be loved and cared for when you will be a parent. With realization of this vision and mission, a unified society standing up for one another as a family can be envisioned. It would be possible to imagine a world without a person in need because need is not only confined to material parameters. A needy could also do with people’s care and sense of compassion.

The lyrics of this song were written by Sami Yusuf in collaboration with Dr. Walid. The lyrics aim to touch the hearts of people and encourage them to be tender with one another. The video was filmed in Jeddah over nine days as one of the biggest productions for a song in Saudi Arabia. The video shows a series of scenes that embody the idea of exchanging help and support among people. It is a heartfelt depiction of everyday incidents and various situations spanning over a wide age group involving different professions.

The release of this song and the video corresponds with the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan — the month of mercy, hoping it will capture hearts and souls of all. “Healing” is a celebration of values we share as human beings and the resolve to uphold and reward such values.

Heal and you will be healed


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  2. Iman says:

    Nggak tau kalo ada penasyid ini *dipentung bombom*

    Ntar cari di 4shared ah hehehe

    • fajarembun says:

      ada Opa di 4shared..ato opa langsung ke web-nya langsung di kasih loh… :mrgreen: sya aja langsung dari sana…hehehe..

      …hm..klo saya kurus mungkin 11-12 ama om Sami Yusuf kayaknya…*di jitak opa*


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